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Advanced Softgel Technologies for RX. OTC & Specialized Nutraceuticals
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The softgel capsule has been on the market since the 19th century evolving to the present day. Because of this consumers feel familiar with the technology, trusting in its efficiency, robust quality control and convenience.

Products for any type of indication (OTC and Rx).

Supplements, vitamins, concentrates and other natural products.

Cosmetic products that have medicinal properties.

  • Enhanced bioavailability of active ingredients.
  • Attractive physical appearance
  • Greater Stability
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Masks Unpleasant odors and flavors
  • Consumer preferred dosage form (easier to swallow than traditional dosage forms)

Unigel™, a first-to-market Technology, Ideal for Organizations who want their consumers to have simplicity and effectiveness backed by technology and expertise when taking their meds and supplements.

Unigel™ provides different configurations for fixed-dose combinations. It permits multiple ingredients that are chemically incompatible to coexist in one softgel.


Clear look inside the capsule, Physically Appealing.

Combines Multiple Purpose Ingredients in one form.

Impossible to counterfeit.

Different Gelatin formulations, Suitable for Vegetarians and/or vegan diets.

Different Release profiles available.

Diversifies portfolio enables brand differentiation.

Exact Dosage form.

One of the different advantages of Unigel™ is that allows you to include different formats within a Softgel
  • One or two tablets
  • One or two Softgel
  • One softgel and one tablet
  • Hard capsule with granules.
Ideal for OTC and specialized Nutraceuticals
Discover our Chewable Softgel Platform Chewgels™, chewable soft capsules as a solution and line extension to existing or new products. With new ingredients, special shapes and flavors, we can offer our customers a range of formulations for different therapeutic lines.
Patient & Consumer Benefits

Taken easily on the run without water or food.

Suitable for children or senior adults who often reject traditional dosage forms.

Immediate release and absorption in the mouth and stomach.

Great taste & Experience: Once a Chewgel enters the mouth, it is chewed, and a burst effect of the sweet, creamy and tasty liquid inside kicks in.
Meet our vegetarian softgel technology, Versagel™, a versatile option for the encapsulation of high viscous, semisolid or high pH fill contents.

More stable than proteins at extreme pH values and moderate ionic strengths.

Ability to encapsulate high temperature fills.

Ability to develop Modify Release Options.

No Crosslinking over time

They solve complex formulation challenges.

Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegetarian.

Vegan Certifiable

Patient consumer benefits
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